Retroid Frontend

26 Απρ.

Eφτιαξα (αλλο) ενα frontend, γενικου περιεχομενου βασικα, αν και το ειχα ξεκινησει για retro gaming. Ειναι φτιαγμενο σε freepascal, linux, αλλα ο κωδικας ειναι ελευθερος (Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License) και μπορει να γινει compile σε windows, raspberry, osx κα. Παρακληση, αν καποιος το κανει compile σε αλλη πλατφορμα, να μου στειλει το εκτελεσιμο αρχειο.


– Multiple themes
– Supports Components (Label, Button, Textviewer, Listview etc.)
– Up to 100 components to each screen
– Easy scripting with the support of INI files
– Plays OGG, WAV and OGV media files
– Screen transitions (left, right, top, bottom, zoom in/out, swirl in/out etc.)
– Can execute external and internal commands, through components capabilities.
– Full support of joystick/gamepad and needs only two buttons.
– Can execute commands, by holding down the buttons for various seconds
– Change component properties through internal commands
– Built in timer, to execute commands at desired interval
– Sqlite3 full support! Can read database files and execute SQL commands.
– Font files (can make your own)

Source code:




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